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Brand Identity

Liga Digital is the number one solution for entrepreneurs striving to stand out in the digital world. Our mission is to offer the best in Web Design to small businesses, helping them with promotion online through our expertise and hard work.

With Liga Digital at the helm, your satisfaction is guaranteed! From websites for freelancers to online stores, created from scratch or from pre-existing domains, we do it all. 


How We

Liga Digital was born from the recognition of the needs of small businesses that want to promote themselves online, but are held back by challenges such as budgetary constraints which prevent them from investing in affordable and effective web design services. Fortunately, this is where Liga Digital comes in.

What Keeps 
Us Going

Our Philosophy

We are motivated by the development of small businesses in the digital age, a feat that becomes imminent when Marketing and Web Design combine. At Liga Digital, we promote this combination with dedication and determination, helping you to successfully tap into the web, whatever the size of your company.


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